Monday, July 1, 2013

A little about what and why I paint.

My particular love is landscape and while painting in that mode, my fascination with the way in which light reveals/conceals the natural world is the elusive visual truth I try to engage and interpret. My work is rather obviously evocative, rather than provocative. It comes from a desire to return and reflect, rather than seek new experience or break new ground.

There is much that art can yet do (and has done) to score a powerful intellectual and/or emotional hit, and I can admire those artists whose emotional constitution allows them to dwell so intently on aspects of human endeavor in need of redress. Even more especially, I admire those who are brave enough to carve a new path away from the stale conventions of their times. All artists and art lovers owe them in incalculable debt for the diversity we now enjoy. But to establish new modes of expression it is not necessarily desirable to obliterate the old. For those who cannot forbear anything but to go forward, I would say that they are simply wearing a different brand of blinders from the ones that created the conventions they are striving so desperately to escape.

Regarding realism as a style: To produce art in a manner that has been practiced for centuries is not in the least redundant nor irrelevant. To bring professionalism, virtuosity and new perspectives to an old craft is a far nobler endeavor in my estimation than to create transgressive ugliness whose sole benefit is that it is utterly new and novel.

Truly, there is ample room in the Art world for both the "tried and true", and the shockingly new, and both should be accorded respect for the various venues and purposes they serve. There is work that belongs more appropriately and meaningfully in museums and public venues and art that belongs in an intimate environment, just as myriad forms of music are afforded disparate but important roles in our appreciation of the art and culture they represent.

Prior to the advent of the internet (and the now relentless bombardment of news through nearly ubiquitous technologies) art could and often did serve to awaken sensibilities and effect social change. We have—in the past few decades especially—become a people so saturated with overwhelming traumas, guilt, alienation and stress from all corners of the globe, that it's hard to imagine that what we need or want from art is yet another visual reminder of our individual and/or communal human folly. Too many among us have disconnected from nature to such a degree that we can no longer know any peace to be found in solitude, excitement without contrived stimulation, or serenity without numbing drugs.

My aspirations are to relate to the viewer of my painting, small moments of joy; the excitement of gleaming light or the mystery of shadow. When I paint a still life, I want the viewer to hear the dust settling. If I paint a tree laden with snow, I want to evoke the memory of how the cold air stings your skin, how the snow squeaks underfoot. I do not wish to shock or amaze you with my cleverness. I wish to reawaken your childlike delight in your senses, memories perhaps buried or at least, too much neglected.

If I can accomplish the above with panache, if I can make someone sigh with reflection or even just admire the magic of a well-wrought brushstroke, then I will have succeeded in my goal as a painter, a skilled conjurer of image in pigment.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

First posting

Gentle Reader

This is my first-ever blog.

It will be revised and expanded in the next few days but this will serve as my trial flight into the cyber-gallery world.
Lava Rock Shoreline on Gunnison River  oil on canvas 14" x 10"

Frosted Cottonwoods     oil on board  9" x 12"

Geraniums in Blue Pot     oil on canvas 9.5" x 9.5"

Colorado River in Winter I     oil on canvas 18"x 14"

Colorado River in Winter II     oil on canvas 12" x 10"

Snowy Stream on Road to Powderhorn    oil on canvas  14" x 18"

Snowy Bluffs with Pines  oil on canvas 14" x 11"

Grand Mesa Vista    oil on canvas 10" x 20"

Farmhouse near Ouray, CO    oil on canvas 8" x 10"
Silver Coffee Pot with White Roses     oil on canvas 14" x 10"

Purple Bearded Iris  oil on canvas 12" x 9"


Pink Peonies        oil on canvas  8" x 16"

Eggs in Copper Bowl   oil on canvas 12" x 12"  SOLD

Rust Trees on Snowy Riverbank   oil on canvas 9.5" x 20"

Snowy Lane      oil on canvas 16" x 8"
Bluffs and Chamisa  oil on canvas 14" x 18"

Poplar in Summer II     oil on canvas 20" x 10"  Private Collection      

Baby's Shoes    oil on canvas 8" x 10"

Cottonwoods near Gateway CO   oil on canvas 14" x 18"

Tributary to Pecos River, NM  oil on canvas 14" x 11"

Snake River at Heise Hotsprings, ID    oil on canvas *' x 10"